When it comes to buying a cycle, there are several considerations one must take into account. The very first thing to do is know about the basic types of cycles for adults, which are essentially categorized into a mountain bike, road bike, and hybrid bike. Within each of these basic categories are further variants which offer specific features to suit the preferences of riders. A hybrid cycle is a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike, allowing the rider to cruise easily on paved surfaces and also take on the dirt trails with effortless ease. If you are planning to buy the best hybrid cycle in India, take a look at this guide which explains the different types of hybrid bikes:

1.Trekking bikes: These hybrid bikes combine the features of mountain and road bikes to enable the rider to ride long distances on off road terrains easily. Trekking bikes feature all components which are essential for touring on the cycle, and these include the mudguards, pannier racks or bike racks, lights, etc.

2.Commuter bikes: These bikes are designed for daily commutes on paved and smooth surfaces over short as well as long distances. They come with derailleur gear systems, standard 700c wheels of thin width, full fenders, and durable frames which can carry the weight of the load you intend to take on your ride. Some models of commuter bike also come with chain guards for people who want to wear full length pants while riding the bike to work. Some commuter bikes also come with front and rear lights which facilitates cycling in low light conditions as well.

3.Cross bikes: A type of hybrid bike which offers a predominantly road biking style in its design, a cross bike comes with a flat handlebar and wider semi-tread tires for a comfortable upright riding position and greater ability to navigate tough and challenging terrain respectively. Most cross bikes are designed to allow the cyclist to take on moderately challenging off road terrain with gravel, sand and shallow mud.

4.Comfort bikes: As their name suggests, this subclass of hybrid bikes is focused on giving the rider maximum comfort over short and long distance rides. Comfort bikes come with modified mountain bike frames, upright tall head tube for upright riding and derailleur gears for easy shifting between terrain.

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