Women and cycling are not words often associated together. But in recent times, more and more women are taking to cycling on a ladies bicycle in India as a healthy option, using it for the commute as well as for leisure and fitness. Riding the best bicycle for girl in India is an activity that is certainly getting more attention. As women make the cross over from stationary cycling to hitting the road on the best ladies bicycle in India, read on to know some of the compelling reasons which is making women turn to cycling:

1.Cycling is easy. No matter how old you are, cycling is always a fun activity that will get one in shape and also help one become more active. Women too have realized this and the childhood activity has been coopted to find fun and fitness in one go.

2.Quick way to get in a cardio workout: Especially since a lot of women complain about not getting enough exercise through the day on account of their rigid routines, cycling is a great way to incorporate physical activity through ordinary means. Cycling can be a great boon for those women who want to stay fit and shed those calories. Cycling is a great cardio workout for women of all ages and rapidly burns fat while improving muscle coordination. It also tones the overall body much better than any other exercise and is a complete workout on its own, hence preferred by women all over the world.

3.Good for older women as well. As one gets older, cycling is also one of the safest activities for fitness to follow, if of course, done with due precaution. Cycling is also good for keeping the joints fit as one advance in age while also keeping in check the cholesterol and blood pressure, which are two of the major concerns for women where their health is concerned. These are perhaps also among the reasons that have drawn women to take up cycling as they get older.

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