If you think you own the best MTB in India from one of the best MTB brands in India, then it is only fair that you put it to the best use. And what better to do with the best MTB bicycle in India than to take it out for an adventure ride in the mountains? A vacation to the mountains is a must for every cyclist. And in India, there are some amazing trails through the mountains that you can explore. Read on to find out where these scenic trails among the majestic mountains in India lie and what you can experience when you take your MTB bike to cross these wondrous trails:

1.Leh – Right at the top of the map is the trail that spans Leh. The one place that has to be the ‘Mecca’ for mountain biking enthusiasts, Leh offers some of the most scenic and adventurous routes for cyclists. The route is dotted with bumpy terrain and some of the most beautiful lakes along a stark landscape with imposing mountains that serve as a retreat for the bikers.

2.Manali – Another mountain route you can’t miss out on is the one winding through Manali, the ‘mountain biking capital of India’. Located towards the end of the Kullu valley in Himachal Pradesh, Manali is right in the way of some of the most adventurous mountain biking trails leading all the way up to Leh if you are in the mood to extend your trip up north.

3.Sikkim – The ups and downs on the magnificent route in Sikkim from Siliguri from Gurudongmar are full of inspiring scenery with the Kanchenjunga peak overlooking the trail. From wooded forests in the West Bengal to the rapidly escalating heights up the Tibet border, the Sikkim trail is one to explore on your bikes. And the higher up you get as the altitude increases right up to Gurudongmar, be prepared for an extreme adventure.

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