Are you just in the mood to upgrade from your standard bike to a specialized version? Are you keen on high-speed riding, on the smooth and paved terrains which are more often found in urban sites? Well, then you need a road bicycle. As the name itself suggests, a road bike is designed to ride on roads, and contrary to mountain bikes, these are more aerodynamic in design, sleek, because they are to be ridden on smooth surfaces. If you are someone who is new to road cycling, here is a brief guide on how to buy the best road bikes:

1.Do adequate research first and determine the purpose for which you want the bike. Ask yourself whether you want an out and out racing road bike or something with a more relaxed design for everyday riding. For professional bikers, race bikes are best and relaxed designs are ideal for those who want to enjoy biking with speed on their own terms. If you are looking for something which will serve you for leisure and commute together, you need to find something that will be a good fit for your needs.

2.Choosing the right frame and fork for your road bike will significantly determine the ride experience. Generally, road bike frames are made from such lightweight materials as aluminium, carbon or titanium, which allow for high-speed riding. Aluminium frame and carbon fork in road bikes provide better sturdiness and handling while for lightweight frames, choose carbon for the frame and fork as these will also be much speedier to ride.

3.Make sure that whatever style, a brand of road cycle you choose, it should be the right size and fit for you so you can ride it comfortably over any distance. Most bike manufacturers offer standard adult bike sizes but if you have specific requirements, check the size guide or adjust the parts when fitting the bike together.

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