Excited about taking that mountain biking trip on the best MTB bicycle in India from the best MTB brands in India but worried about the uphill climbs that will come on the route? Mountain biking is no easy feat and even the professionals riding the best mountain bicycle in India have made a start faltering and stopping enroute before they became champs. But if you are still worried, we have got some handy tips for you to course through easily even on the toughest of uphill climbs on your MTB bike:

1. First thing to do is keep an eye out ahead on the route so you can see the uphill stretch before you get to it. This will prepare you mentally for the climb and you can also adjust your riding moves to begin the uphill ride. Adjust the necessary posture and the bike to keep yourself pedalling on even when the stretch is too steep.

2. As you approach the uphill stretch on your mountain bike, much like in driving a car, lower a few gears. You will still be pedalling at the same rate but the power from the pedalling will generate greater momentum in pushing the bike forward.M

3. Most MTB riders often find it confusing whether to tackle an uphill climb sitting or standing up. Experts recommend that unless the uphill track is short or unless you want a workout, it is better to stay seated on an uphill climb. This will ensure that you have more energy to complete the entire stretch without straining yourself too much.

4. One of the most important tips to prepare any rider for the challenge of an uphill climb is that they must prepare themselves mentally for the climb. If you are too afraid from the start, chances are you’ll fail way before you start. Keep a cool and calm attitude and prepare yourself; failing is not a permanent thing. Eventually, you will master the art of uphill cycling.

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