To traverse the city roads on a road bike is an undeniably pleasant experience. Whether you want to stroll along the routes for sightseeing or commute to work, or even get in a cardio workout with a fast-paced ride, a good road bicycle is just what you need. However, if you are a beginner to road biking, you will need to know certain basics about how to go about riding the best road bikes and enjoying every minute. Read on for some great tips for beginners to ride a road bike:

1.The first step to riding a road bike is buying the right bike for you. Generally, road bikes feature lightweight frames for fast riding and come with drop handlebars and skinny 700c wheels which can easily traverse the paved roads. However, the ultimate choice of the cycle will depend on your personal considerations, such as your budget and your riding style.

2.Dressing for road cycling in the correct manner can make a significant difference to your riding experience. For riding a road cycle, while there is no need for specialist clothing, you will need a snug and fitted clothes to improve the aerodynamics, especially when riding at high speeds. Typical road biking gear includes a jersey, bike shorts or track pants, a windbreaker or weatherproof jacket, and leg and arm warmers. If you are riding in cold weather conditions, including a warm layer with a shell jacket.

3.For safety when riding a road bike, you should wear a helmet at all times. Additional safety gear includes elbow and knee pads and if you ride at night, a reflective vest is a good idea to ensure your visibility on the road.

4.To make on-the-spot repairs for minor issues on your bike by yourself, you should also carry along a small tool kit. In this, include a portable air pump and a basic tool wrench along with an Allen wrench and spare bolts and chain links.

5.It is also important to know the right etiquette for riding a road bike. When on the bike, look at least 20-30 feet ahead so you have an inkling of what’s coming on the route. Do not ride too close to the curb and always signal when changing lanes and making turns.’

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