For avid cyclists, trying out a new form can be full of excitement. Many riders in the cities nowadays prefer to ride a road cycle which If you are someone who has just started their journey of road cycling, then learn more about what not to do on your rides:

1. Don’t ride with your knees out: When you are riding out on your road bicycle, ride in a comfortable position but remember to keep your knees close to the frame. If you are riding with your knees out then you are in danger of bringing them in contact with other riders on the road, especially if you are riding in a group or too close to the traffic.

2. Sitting too rigidly on the bike: You can’t stick your knees or elbows out on the road but that doesn’t mean you have to freeze in one position while riding. Remember to sit in a comfortable position and adopt a flexible posture that will allow you to ride for longer distances without causing any physical discomfort. This might take some time so be patient until you can find the best posture for you to ride in.

3. Not giving the signal that you intend to pass: When you are on the road, cycling on your road bike, chances are that there will be other commuters on the road, pedestrians, other cyclists, as well as people in motor vehicles. If you are riding at a pace where you want to overtake them, it is advisable to give out hand signals or ring the bell on your cycle loud enough to let the others know of your presence and avoid scrapes and accidents.

4. Starting with high benchmarks: Sure, you want to become a pro someday but don’t start riding like one in the very first week. Since you are new to road cycling, it is better that when taking the best road bikes out for a ride, keep reasonable expectations. Start small, at slower paces, and build your stamina till you are comfortable enough to ride over longer distances. If you intend to go high-speed riding or racing, make sure you prepare well in advance.

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