Riding a road bicycle brings its own satisfaction. Whether you are pedaling away furiously to get to work or just rolling down the slopes on a paved track on a leisure ride, the best road bikes can make your experience an enjoyable one. For the keen cyclists, upgrades are a part of riding their road bikes with greater ease and enjoyment. Leading cycle brands have a whole host of options to explore when the time is right for you to make an upgrade. If you want to upgrade your road bike, here are some recommendations from our experts:

1.Tires: The cheapest way you can get an upgrade for your road bike is to change the tires of the store-bought or assembled bike. Depending on what tires are part of your existing bike, you can choose to enhance your experience by choosing wider tires in the range of 25-28mm. Tires which offer a better grip with the help of knobs are a good upgrade to choose if you generally ride on extremely smooth roads. These will also reduce the risk of slipping and crashes when you are on the road.

2.Wheels: Along with the tires, you can also choose to upgrade the wheels of your road bike if you are willing to splurge on a higher variant. Wheel upgrades can make a significant difference to the overall weight of the bike if you choose a lighter wheelset, and consequently, will positively impact your riding experience by allowing for high speed riding as road bikes are meant to. You can choose from wheels with deep aero rims, wide rims or ceramic bearing aids.

3.Handlebars: Most standard road bikes come with drop-down or flat handlebars but this may not align with your riding style. In such a case you can opt for an upgrade and choose from moustache handlebars, reach handlebars or bars with better width so you can ride comfortably.

4.Saddle: If you want a more comfortable saddle on your bike, you can choose for an upgrade to this feature too on your road bike. From saddles with padding to ones with wider backs, there are several styles you can choose from depending on your comfort.

5.Brakes: Brakes on your road bike are about more than safety. They are also about speed and speed control. Choose a powerful set of brakes to upgrade the existing brake system on your bike. You can also consider switching to disc brakes.

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