When it comes to riding a cycle, there is no feeling that compares to the adrenalin rush of taking on tough terrain on the best MTB in India. Adventure seekers find their trails and set out on the best MTB cycle in India to experience the thrill and explore unchartered territory. But when planning for a tour on an MTB bike, it is always handy to have a basic repair kit with you so you can make basic repairs on the trail itself and continue your ride with minimal interruption. Most of the items in a repair kit are made available by the best MTB brands in India. Read on to find the most comprehensive checklist for a repair kit for your MTB bike:

1.Spare tubes - come in handy in case of an irreparable puncture on the road

2.Patch kit - helps in making a quick fix of a puncture till you find a repair shop

3.Portable and handy pump - to keep the air pressure in the tires at the optimum level

4.Tire levers - to keep the tires aligned correctly in case they are damaged on encountering a tough obstacle

5.Multi tool for a bike with Allen wrench - the toolset for a cycle is a specialist set and is easily available at any tool shop. But do make sure that the multi tool kit features an Allen wrench.

6.Pressure gauge - for effortless riding on the trail, the tires must have the right air pressure. To measure the air pressure, take a pressure gauge along, which will also help you fill the right amount of air in the tires.

7.Chain tool - one of the common problems encountered on the trail is a broken chain, which can be repaired with a chain tool.

8.Replacement chain links - if the links in your chain are lost due to the breakage of the chain, a few spare chain links can come in handy. Do, however, learn to fix these chain links in the correct way.

9.Spare spokes - these provide the support to the wheel and keep its shape aligned correctly. Spare spokes will allow you to ensure your bike wheels retain shape in case they have bent or misaligned on the trail.

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