Buying a cycle was never this tough! With there being different types of cycles for different purposes, cyclists too need to make an informed choice with regard to their cycle in order to get the best experience in every ride. Among the many different bikes, there are the best mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, cyclocross bikes and more. When it comes to road bikes and mountain bikes, while on the surface there might not appear too many differences between them, they serve entirely different functions for riders. An MTB bike is for the adventure seekers, who want to explore the tough trails on the best MTB cycle. Road bikes are more suited to smooth and paved routes. Here’s a look at what makes a road bike different from an MTB cycle:

Types – When it comes to mountain bikes, even within this category one can find different
types which include cross-country bikes, all-day endurance bikes, free-riding bikes, bikes for
downhill biking etc.

Tire size – Mountain bikes feature tires that vary in size but are thicker than those used in
standard road bikes which lend them added durability to traverse the tough roads on hills
and mountains.

Frame size – The frame size of the mountain bike will correspond with the body
proportions of the bike and different manufacturers offer different dimensions in mountain

Types – Road bikes can be classified as ones for touring, hybrid bikes, roadster bikes and
recumbent bikes.

Tire size – In road bikes, the tires are narrower as they are meant to be ridden on smooth
surfaces. However, if you live in a place where there are no dedicated cycle tracks and roads
are uneven, these tires may not be so suitable.

Frame size – The frame in a road bike is extremely light so as to keep the overall weight of
the cycle light in order to let it run with great speeds. One can find road cycle models which
feature frames made of such materials like carbon, aluminium or titanium.

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