The safety of kids is of paramount important to all parents. When buying them the best kids bikes, parents are often concerned about the safety of their wards. To ensure that your kids are safe and secure when they ride the best cycle for kids, it is important to teach them a few safety rules. Read on to check out our list of expert-recommended safety rules for kids to ride the best kids bicycle in India:

1.Wearing the safety gear: The first rule for your child’s safety on a cycle is that they must always wear a helmet when they prepare to ride their bike. A helmet will protect them against injury. They can also wear elbow and knee pads and hang a flag on their bike which will indicate other commuters of their presence on the road.

2.Riding the bike on the correct road: Your kids must know that they must never ride their bike on roads and amid open traffic. If there is a dedicated cycling track, teach them to ride on it. If your older kids commute to school on a cycle, ensure that they ride either on the cycling track or on the road, close to the curb but never on the pedestrian pavement.

3.Using hand signals: Teach your kids the appropriate hand signals for riding a bike. The right or left arm must be shown to indicate a turn in the right and left direction respectively. For stopping midway and allowing others to pass them by, they must wave their hand. To indicate their presence to other people on the road, they must always ring the cycle bell.

4.Hitting the brakes: When it comes to using the brakes, first get your kids used to hitting both the front and the rear brakes simultaneously. Also teach them that when they do have to hit the brake in an emergency and they cannot use both brakes together, they must always hit the rear brake first to avoid mishap.

5.Riding with others: Teach your kids to never ride too close to other commuters or cyclists. Kids on bikes must maintain at least one metre distance from other vehicles on the roads.

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