Have you just bought yourself an MTB bike? For amateur and new cyclists, while the adventure is a huge draw, there is often the case that the technique falls behind. This can lead to the making of simple mistakes that can mar the complete riding experience. If as a new MTB rider you want to make the most of every ride, here are the common mistakes that you must avoid:

1. Braking too hard and too often: One mistake that rookie riders on the best MTB bicycle in India tend to make is to break every so often on the mountain trail and give it their full force. This will only lead you to slide and if you break too hard, even cause a fall. Instead, only apply the brakes when you have slowed down over the distance and if you don’t have time, keep going at the same speed, which will prevent falls and injury.

2. Not looking at the trail ahead: Another common mistake anyone can make when riding a bike from the best MTB brands in India is to not keep an eye on the trail ahead. Now, this is an important tip for riding safely, as you will be better aware of what obstacles you are about to face and adapt your riding accordingly to navigate the trail safely.

3. Riding with the wrong tire pressure: Not checking your bike tires for the air pressure before you set on a ride on the best mountain bicycle in India is another mistake you need to avoid as a rookie rider. Too little air pressure can cause the tire to pop while too much will keep you from having control of the bike on the tough trail.

4. Not knowing the basics: Riding the best MTB bikes in India is an experience well enjoyed only when you are aware of the basic techniques. From braking and pedalling to turning curves and even switching gears on the track are important techniques to know on the trail so you can ride easier and better.

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