Planning to hit the road on your hybrid bike over a long weekend? Nothing is more exciting and adventurous than getting your gang of friends together and planning a bike tour through the countryside. Hitting the road for a cycle tour however requires careful planning to ensure that not only do you have an enjoyable ride but also a safe one. Here’s what goes into planning a tour on your hybrid bike:

•Plan the type of tour you want to take. There are different kinds of cycling tours that people go on and a few of these include the credit card tour (bikers only carry basic gear and clothing and pay for the rest along the way), self-supported tour (cyclists carry all sustenance items on their own, including food and camping gear), vehicle-supported tour (an accompanying vehicle carries all supplies for the cyclists) and organized tours (run by commercial companies which take groups of cyclists on guided pre-planned tours). Consult with your riding partners and see which type suits all of you. Depending on what gear and supplies you want to take and how many expenses each rider is willing spare, choose accordingly.

•The type of bike will also decide what terrain and trail you will be choosing for your cycling tour. The advantage of riding on a hybrid bike is that you can plan for a tour covering both off-road terrains and smooth paved roads in the countryside as these bikes can easily navigate both types. However, do remember to check if there are dedicated trails for cyclists in the region you plan to visit and if you need permission to cross certain trails. Take a look at the map for your choice of route and with the best hybrid bicycle in India to get you going, set out where you want.

•Setting out on a cycle trip can be done solo as well as in groups. If it is the latter you prefer, you will also need to work out the right size of the group in terms of people. if you are not taking a guided tour, try to stick to smaller groups of up to 8 people which will be a lot easier to manage and organize for a fun trip.

When you decide to embark on your first cycle tour, get the advantage of the best hybrid bikes to help you gain the experience and thrill of a lifetime. Kross Bikes, one of the leading cycle manufacturing brands, offers the best hybrid bikes in India for riders with every level of experience so they can ride comfortably and freely on any and every terrain.