Mountain biking sure has its fair share of thrills. Adventure enthusiasts love the sense of adventure that comes from riding the best mountain bikes on the winding and uneven trails that make the entire experience so unforgettable. However, to rephrase the popular movie quote, with great adventure, comes responsibility too. If you want to get the most out of your mountain bicycle trip, it is best to follow some basic tips on the trail:

1.Start planning for your trip well in advance. Make a checklist and be sure you take your phone, the GPS or maps as you prefer or as the signal strength allows, a small bag or the carrier on your bike with refreshments and water. Also take along the safety gear, first aid kit and a tool kit with a portable pump and multi tool kit to carry out repairs on the road if needed.

2.When you are planning for your mountain biking trip, do investigate the trail you are planning to tour through. If it involves passing through a restricted area or private property, make sure you seek prior permission from the owners of the property. In case you are unable to obtain such permission, avoid these trails completely.

3.There are also some natural and wildlife parks which are open to MTB cyclists and if you happen to be riding through them on your trip, remember to watch out for the signs of animals on the trails and make way for them at crossings or where signals indicate.

4.To avoid getting into scrapes and obstructing the path of others, do not stop in the middle of a trail. Whether you want to take refreshments or have suffered a puncture or other bike-related issues, make sure you stop in the designated stopping area or on the side of the trail.

5.Always help others on the route. If you come across someone who has had a mishap on the trail, do give your help! Not only does it make for good etiquette on the riding trail but chances are, if you help someone in their time of need, they will be more likely to help you if you are ever in a spot later on. And of course, you get to enjoy the benefits of a community of cyclists.

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