If you are someone who prefers to multitask, then why should your cycle be any different? A cycle that will let you commute to places effortlessly and also let you take on the dirt tracks for when you want something adventurous is just the cycle for you. And that is a hybrid bike, which is a ‘hybrid’ of a mountain bike, a road bike, and a touring bike. If you want to buy a new hybrid cycle to enjoy different terrain on the same ride, then here is a guide to help you choose:

1. Decide what kid of riding you will do most often on your hybrid bike and pick the gear system accordingly. The gears in the hybrid bike may run anywhere from 1 to as many as 27 options. The more basic your riding, the fewer the numbers of gears you will need. If you are going to be riding on the tricky turns and ascending steep hills, then consider a bike with a higher number of gears.

2. Comfort in the best hybrid bicycle in India is also a consideration. Most standard models do not feature suspension at all since the focus is usually on riding paved roads and suspension only adds to the weight of the bike. You can also choose a hybrid with front suspension which can absorb the shocks on tough roads if you want something to ride on bumpier roads.

3. Most hybrid bikes feature the saddle at a height significantly lower than the handlebar to impart better comfort while riding long distances. However, if you wish to ride faster, you may also explore models where the seats are positioned higher than the handlebars to provide for a more aerodynamic position.

4. Wheels in a hybrid bike are not an important factor but nevertheless, if you are interested, look for standard hybrid bikes with 700c wheels which have enough width to enable both high speed riding and dirt track riding. If you are looking for an alternate, you can choose bikes with 26 inch wheels which are smaller.

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