If you are an adventure seeker, and you own an MTB bicycle, then we know how much you enjoy taking your bike out for a spin. Whether it is a short ride on a dirt track or a long trip across mountainous terrain, your mountain bike will help you navigate every turn, every bump and every obstacle with a precision that adds to the thrill. But it is not enough to just take your MTB out for a spin; you need to maintain it right too so you can always ride smoothly, without literally getting stopped in the tracks due to some issues with the bike. If you own an MTB, then here are some tips on how to maintain it routinely:

1. The first thing to do is to inspect your bike regularly. Whether you ride on a regular basis or not, this step is essential to know if there are any issues in the bike and you can easily manage them, and ride seamlessly on the best mountain cycle in India.

2. Check the tires for the appropriate tire pressure. Poorly or inadequately inflated tires are more prone to being punctured. Make it a point to learn the right air pressure for your bike’s tires which is always indicated by the best MTB brands in India for their bikes, and fill them accordingly. Keep a small portable air pump handy at home and on your rides to replenish the tires when required.

3. Inspect the brake and gear wires to keep them from sagging. Sometimes you’ll simply need to turn the wires a little; if it does not work, tighten the screws with a wrench.

4. Buy bike-specific lubricant and use it in sparing quantities on the bike on all surfaces where metal touches metal. But make sure to clean the areas first for effective application and functioning.

5. If you want to ride comfortably on the best MTB bicycle in India, then also check the saddle of your bike. A straight saddle will prevent you from facing body ache while also keeping you secure while riding.

6. Every once in a while, take your bike for a professional clean up. A professional mechanic will inspect the bike carefully for any snags and repair them efficiently.

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