One of the first things every person learns as they grow up is road safety rules. And we retain them as we grow up. As cyclists, we also need to know the rules of riding successfully on the city roads on our road bike, navigating the streets and corners and also riding through the traffic. Given that more and more adults are now preferring to commute on a road bicycle for a cleaner and healthier option, it is important that one must ride safe through the city streets, in the day and at night too. Here are a few tips from experts to enable you to ride safely through busy traffic on any day:

1.Precautions are best when it comes to personal safety for riding your cycle on a heavy traffic route. Make sure you wear a proper helmet and elbow and knee pads to protect yourself in case of scrapes of minor accidents on the road. If you commute during the night, a reflective jacket will also make others aware of your presence on the road.

2.Avoid riding at high speeds on roads that see considerable traffic. If you commute to work on a road bike, in high traffic times, pedal at a slow speed to avoid collision with other commuters.

3.Stick to the dedicated lane for cyclists when commuting to places on your bike. This will keep you away from the path of oncoming vehicular traffic. In case there is no dedicated lane for cyclists, ride your cycle at a safe distance from the curb so you won’t be pushed by vehicles behind.

4.Don’t forget to use hand signals as indication when changing lanes or turning on the road when there is heavy traffic. You can also use a bell to signal other commuters if you want to overtake them or need distance. The best road bikes come fitted with a bell but if your bike does not have one, you can get it from a store or online cycle accessory shop.

5.Keep adequate distance between your bike and other vehicles, or cyclists. This will prepare you when you need to brake suddenly and keep you from crashing into other vehicles.

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