If you have finally taken the plunge and bought yourself the best MTB in India, prepare yourself for an unparalleled experience of adventure and thrill! Biking on the tough and off-road trails riding the best MTB bicycle in India is indeed an experience every cyclist craves. But at the same time, with the adventure and thrill, comfort is of equal importance when riding a mountain bike from the best MTB brands in India. Let us take a read at some of the tips on how to prepare yourself for riding an MTB bike smoothly:

1.One of the first things to do to prepare for riding an MTB is to set it up for your specific needs. So, before you get started, make sure you have a tool kit handy. Most adjustments to your MTB can be easily done with a standard bike multi-tool kit. Get a torque wrench for the advanced repairs and adjustments along with an Allen wrench which most tool kits will jabe anyway. Also, most manufacturers of MTBs provide a standard instruction manual that must be read carefully before making any adjustments to the bike.

2.The next thing to do is to adjust the saddle height according to your own height. The ideal saddle height can be determined by holding the bike upright while riding it. One must look for a 25- to 30-degree bend of the knee which will ensure you can reach the pedals comfortably. This will enable you to ride the bike without always having to sit in the half-saddle position.

3.You will also need to adjust the position of the saddle and the angle of the bike. The saddle must be positioned at a straight level to give your back adequate comfort while riding and also help conserve energy when navigating those tough trails with bends and slopes. While some riders like a tilted saddle, it is unadvisable as it may cause backaches and cause you to slide off the seat when riding uphill or downhill.

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