When it comes to physical activity and exercise, most of us struggle to keep up with a routine due to lack of motivation. But if you own the best MTB bicycle in India from one of the best MTB brands in India, why let the cycle gather dust in your garage? Many a rider has faced the lack of motivation to get out their bike, get on it and get going. Fear not, though. We have brought you some great tips to help you motivate yourself to get back on the best MTB in India and rediscover the thrills and joy of cycling all over again. Read on to find out:

1.Clean up and tune your bike: You will only find your motivation again when you take your bike out and give it a thorough clean up. Wipe and wash away the dust that has been gathering and check if any parts need replacing. Then go ahead fit some new fancy parts too! The spruced-up bike will most certainly have you itching to take it for a spin right away.

2.Join a cycling group: If you are struggling to find enough motivation by yourself, find a cycling group with fellow MTB riders in your area and join it. There is nothing like the support of a cycling community by your side when you are feeling the cycling blues. These groups will encourage you to go on more rides, share tips and guide you through rediscovering the joy in riding an MTB again.

3.Plan a trip to a destination you’ve always wanted to explore: Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Plan a cycling tour to a destination you have been meaning to explore for a while! This way, the excitement of fulfilling your travel dream will in itself motivate you to ride your MTB all over again.

4.Build in a reward system: The simplest way you can motivate yourself to ride your MTB all over again is to include a system of rewards for milestones. If you’ve taken your bike out for a spin, go ahead and get those extra 30 minutes of sleep and so on. When you have a reward to look forward to, the motivation won’t be stingy in coming.

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