If you are planning to buy yourself one of the best bicycles to enjoy your rides, there are many specifications that you will need to look into. One of these features that one must keep in mind when you buy a bicycle online is the tire of the bike. Especially if you are looking at a mountain bicycle buy online the model which offers the best experience for taking on the tough terrain of the off road and dirt tracks that you will be taking on. Here are some things that will help you choose the best tires for your MTB bikes:

1.First understand that there are different tire diameters for different types of mountain bikes. Generally, one can choose from 29”, 27.5” and 26” tires in diameter. Once you have zeroed in on the diameter, you will need to work out the appropriate tire width. Depending on the mountain bike type, you can choose 1.9” to 2.25” tires for cross country bikes, 2.25” to 2.4” tires for trail bikes, up to 2.5” wheels for downhill bikes, and 3.7” to 5” tires for fat bikes.

2.The wider the tires, the better the traction you will get from the tires, which will enable you to ride with greater confidence, even on the tougher trails, especially if you are new to mountain biking.

3.Consider whether you want to be rolling greater distances or pedal as this will determine the tread and traction of the tires you will choose for your MTB bike. Tires with greater traction offer better fun while riding as you can progress faster.

4.You can also choose tubeless tires for your MTB if you are keen on riding uninterrupted, especially on longer trails and tours. Tubeless tires reduce the incidence of flats and you needn’t always wait for a mechanic to make the repair.

5.Your riding style will also determine the choice of tire for your MTB. If you only prefer downhill riding, then you need to choose tires which are sturdy, do not damage easily, and can easily maneuver turns. Similarly, for cross country riding, which is done at high speeds, you need to choose tires which are lightweight and have lower rolling resistance.

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