For avid cyclists, riding a cycle sure is easy. But navigating the challenging terrains on an MTB bike can test the mettle of even the seasoned cyclists if they have never ridden an MTB before. If you are starting out on mountain riding, then pay attention to these great tips that can take you places as you take on the obstacle-ridden trails:

1. Keep yourself in shape. Riding an MTB bike on the tough trails can be physically daunting and take much effort from your body. It is for this it is advised that if you are starting out on your mountain biking journey, build a basic level of physical strength and endurance. This will help you put in the effort where you need to on the trail.

2. Ride at intervals. In the beginning, don’t push yourself too hard when riding a mountain bike. Start off by taking breaks in one or two rides every week, perhaps between the warm ups and cool-down stretches.

3. Practice the turns: This cannot be stretched enough, but making turns on the tough trails on your MTB cycle can be quite a challenge which can be overcome if you learn the right technique and put in the practice. If you want to retain your momentum, then lean the bike to gain traction and avoid braking and slowing down.

4. Learn and master the front wheel lift: For most of the smaller obstacles on your path, and even mid-size ones like boulders and logs, the way to navigate them on the best mountain bikes is to float over them by lifting the front wheel. Begin early practice on the front wheel lift on flat surfaces with obstacles so you can prepare yourself for the actual rides.

5. Be sure to rest and recover: Many riders forget that they need to take a break for their body to be replenished. Once you have completed a stretch on the best MTB cycle, get off, refuel with food and water and allow your body to relax before beginning the next stretch. This will give your body time to replenish the energy it needs for another stretch.

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