Are you worried about the lack of activity in your child’s routine? Often, with all the pressures of academics, children find it difficult to make time for exercise and physical activity. This can have its own repercussions, affecting the overall growth and development of children. If you are worrying about how to bring some physical activity to your child’s routine, cycling is a great activity to consider. With all the benefits it brings for overall health and wellbeing, cycling is also an easy activity that children will love, whether they do it alone or in the company of friends. When you want to get your child initiated into cycling, here’s what you can do:

1. Motivate them. Nothing like a little motivation to get your child to step up onto the best kids bikes and ride away. And nothing works better than a shiny new bicycle to entice the children to drop everything and ride. Get your child one of the best kids bikes to have them feel more motivated to ride.

2. Plan routes. If your child is shying away from cycling citing lack of places to go to, overcome this by sitting down with them to work out distances. Encourage them to commute to school and even cycle around the neighbourhood on their cycle. If school is not an option, have them run errands on their bicycle around your house.

3. Bring friends along. If there are children in the neighbourhood who also cycle, then have your child join them on rides. This will not only help your child bond but also make them feel better when they set out to ride on the best kids bicycle in India.

4. Ride along with them. Often, children shy away from cycling for lack of company. In such a case, you can take time to ride with them. This will not only encourage your children to ride more confidently but also eventually introduce them into the joys of riding the best kids bicycle India so they feel encouraged to take their cycles out for themselves.

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