Planning to buy the best MTB bicycle in India? There are several variants and models available nowadays from the best MTB brands in India, which can make the selection of the best mountain cycle in India a tough process. To make your task easier, here is a handy guide for buying an MTB bike:

1.If you are a beginner and prefer to ride long stretches on your MTB on routes which are not very steep and have basic obstacles which you can get over without any discomfort, you need to find a bike which has basic suspension and knobby tires which will ensure your stability, along with gears that will enable you to handle multiple speeds.

2.If you are a more experienced rider and prefer the tougher stretches that have plenty of steep inclines and descents with a fair sprinkling of obstacles and sharp bends, you can choose a more advanced MTB with a lightweight frame and dual suspension or only front suspension (according to your preference.

3.Depending on whether you prefer to ride cross country on your MTB or all-mountain, you can choose different bikes. Cross country MTB bikes are meant for the experienced riders who can power themselves to ride over the tough terrain on lightweight bikes. All-mountain bikes are designed to make a much better and comfortable experience for mountain bikers. Therefore, all-mountain bikes are high on performance and come with front and rear suspension.

4.When it comes to the features to look for in an MTB bike, the suspension is an important aspect to consider. One can choose from hardtail, full suspension or only front suspension MTBs for their bikes.

5.The right frame also makes all the difference when buying an MTB bike. For your new MTB, your riding style and experience will determine your choice of frame. Aluminum and carbon frames are a good choice but nowadays leading brands also offer alloy fibre frames that offer more reliability and durability in the MTBs for a more enhanced riding experience.

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