Mountain biking is one of the most popular forms of adventure sports. Avid cyclists seeking thrill and adventure head out on the tough mountain trails and take on the uneven trails and the challenges that are posed therein. Mountain biking, however, is just a broad term that covers a number of different disciplines. Here is a guide to the different types of mountain biking:

1.    Downhill riding: This one is one of the easiest forms of riding a mountain cycle. One begins the ride from a track at the top of a mountain and continues racing till the end of the downwards slope is reached. While downhill riding might seem easy, it is all about attaining balance to ensure that you reach the bottom without falling off down the slope, while also maintaining stamina.

2.    Cross-country: This type of mountain biking involves riding the mountain bicycle through different types of terrain. Perhaps one of the popular forms of mountain biking, and also part of the Olympics, cross-country mountain biking covers steep descents, challenging climbs, rocky stretches, sharp bends and is a test of strength and stamina.

3.    Enduro: One of the oldest forms of mountain biking, enduro is more about the distance and perfecting technique. Enduro cyclists ride their MTB bicycle over scenic mountain trails which are interspersed with climbs, descents, bends and turns, so cyclists can practice their techniques while enjoying the ride at a more comfortable pace.

4.    Freeride: This one is for the adventure junkies who also like to show off. The terrain is natural, with rocks, cliffs, off road and gravel tracks, and riders on the best MTB cycle perform flips, jumps and other tricks while completing the race. In this type of mountain biking, the focus is less on the time taken and more on the tricks that the rider can show. This style requires a lot of practice and creativity.

5.    Trail riding: When you want to undertake a long trip on your mountain bike, trail riding is the style for you. It involves covering a dedicated mountain biking trail with rocks, washouts, gravel and even steep slopes. The focus is on leisure and comfort rather than on high speed racing.

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