Setting out on an adventurous ride on an MTB bike is a dream for every adventure enthusiast. However, it is important to remember the basic points, or what is known as biking etiquette, before setting out on a bike ride on your mountain bikes. Here are a few important ones you must know when setting out on an MTB tour:

1. Respect property rights. Even of you are riding the best mountain bicycle in India from the best MTB brands in India, riding a closed trail is a strict no. If someone has closed a particular trail for a few days, it has to be for a reason so respect the rules and avoid going on that route. You could also be avoiding mishaps and trespassing illegally this way. If you want to ride through a particular paid trail, make a booking and get passes and permissions that are necessary.

2. Extend a helping hand. If you spot someone on your ride who has had an accident or crashed, stop to help them out. It is common courtesy among bike riders to help out fellow riders and is considered good manners for cyclists. If for nothing else, remember that if you help someone today, someone else will help you too if the need arises.

3. When riding the best MTB in India, never stop in the middle of a trail. Even if you have punctured your cycle or are facing other issues in your bike or need to stop, move to a side of the trail so as to avoid hindering other riders on the trail. Blocking the trail can be quite dangerous for you as well as for other riders.

4. Signal your presence. Chances are, you will encounter riders who are slower than you on the trail. The best way to deal with them is to call out to acknowledge your presence and ask them to let you pass. Cross only when they are safely to a side and do say thanks.

5. Clean up. Don’t drop your litter on the track when you ride across a trail. Water bottles, broken helmets, food packets etc are hazardous to the trail and to riders. All dedicated mountain biking tracks have litter bins at appropriate distances, but even if they don’t, gather your litter in a spare bag and drop it only when you find a bin.

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