One of the most fun activities for young children most definitely has to be cycling. The experience and joy of riding a bike of their own, to play with friends or to ride to school is unparalleled. Whether you are starting off your kid early or whether they take up the activity as they grow older, they can have the best riding experience when they have the best cycle. If your child is riding their cycle for the first time, then here is a helpful guide for choosing their first cycle:

1.    Consider how old and tall your child is: The foremost consideration for buying the best kids bicycle in India for the first time your child learns to ride is the right size of the bike. It is extremely important that the bike is appropriate for the height of the child. The cycle must be comfortable to ride and the child should not have to push too hard to reach the pedals or the bike must not be too short for them, which can spoil their posture when they get on the bike. If you are buying a bike from a physical store, you can take your child along to try the bike for size and fit.

2.    Choose a reliable and sturdy bike: Since your child will be riding for the very first time, it is important that you choose the best kids bikes based on the safety aspect as well. Look for bikes made with quality materials and which have a reliable and sturdy frame which will take the weight of the child and also handle the obstacles on the road with ease.

3.    Avoid trainer wheels: When you are buying the best cycle for kids, avoid buying trainer wheels as accessories to train your child for riding a cycle. Trainer wheels can create a false sense of complacency and weaning the children off them can be quite a task, which can create problems eventually in safe and effortless riding as the children grow older. Moreover, they also don’t help the confidence levels of the children and they grow dependent on the trainer wheels to balance their cycle on every ride.

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