In the era of ‘being woke’ becoming ‘woke,’ everyone has adopted a heightened sense of responsibility towards their health and the world’s environment. With this trend slowly turning permanent it's not surprising to learn that the popularity of cycling has been on an incline. Rather, steeply. It’s not just a childhood hobby anymore. People are taking up mountain biking professionally; they’ve included cycling in their workout regime and some have in fact started using it [again] as a vehicle of commute. [The cycle of time is a real thing!]

This growing rage has given birth to a lot of adult first-timers looking to take up cycling as more than just a hobby. And so we’ve worked up a list that’ll help you decide which bike to buy.

First, you have to decide what kind of riding you plan to do. That will define what you’ll need. Of course, value is different from price, and we’re glad you are thinking about getting the best bike for your money rather than trying to find the cheapest bike.

We have taken into consideration key factors and selected 5 cycles which won’t just ensure that you have pleasant rides but will also adapt perfectly to the unpredictable Indian roads.

Maximus Pro 26T

This bike is truly the pro-choice for a mountain biker seeking to take his hobby a notch higher. It is a 21-speed multi-gear bike. The shaped steel frame ensures durability and strength. The suspension fork absorbs terrain shocks and the Shimano shifters provide a smooth speed transition. Its handlebars protect your hands during a fall. This is truly one of the best value for money bicycles costing, 12,280.00

Elute 28T

Elute is the go-to bike to begin your journey as a professional cyclist. The alloy frame which makes the bike sturdy and light. It’s 700 x 35c sleek tyres reduce friction and the double-wall alloy rims ensure strength. Its Shimano speed shifters will swiftly and smoothly shift gears helping you to race towards the finish line. It is one of the few high-end Bicycles under 15,000. It is priced at Rs. 14,790.00

Viper 28T

The Viper is for the winning biker. It is a 21 geared multi-speed bike with Shimano shifters. It has a broader rigid fork which not only looks elegant but also gives it the strength to overcome rough surfaces. The 700x35c sleek tyres ensure less friction and smooth riding on plane surfaces. It has a front disc & rear V-break and a cushioned saddle for comfort during long rides. Its MRP is 11,660.00

Aviator 20T

Aviator is an ideal bike for children and it comes with attractive neon colors and graphics. It is a single-speed bike with broad tyres sized - 20” x 2.40”. It has alloy rims that make it lighter & stronger. It has V-brakes with alloy levers for effective braking. It is priced at Rs. 5,160.00

Globate Eva 26T

Globate Eva is specially designed for women. There is rarely anything better than this bike for riding around town. The riding position, Shaped-steel frame, and cushioned saddle give you great comfort; but when you need to burn those stubborn calories, it will accelerate in a way that is very, unlike a road bike. Its V-brakes ensure effective braking. The bike comes in attractive neon colors and is priced at 7,660.00

You can walk up to your nearest store to get a hands-on feel on these bikes and make an informed decision. Get, Set, Race!