More and more women around the world are now taking up cycling. From reasons which range from fitness to commute and leisure, cycling has become an activity that women love and adopt. To cater to this demand, leading cycles brands are offering more cycles which can be ridden by women. But should you buy a regular cycle or a cycle that is specifically designed for women? If you are confused, then read on to know the different specifications of a bike and how they are different in a ladies cycle so you can make the right choice when buying a cycle:

1.    The first consideration for a ladies bicycle in India is the size of the bike. Most brands offer specific ladies bikes which are slightly smaller in size as compared to the models for men but there are also unisex models of cycles you can choose from.

2.    One of the basic differences between men’s and women’s cycles is the top tube. In the best ladies bicycle in India, there is no top tube in the frame which allows for ease when getting on or off the bike. In unisex models, the top tube is generally Y-framed.

3.    Next, consider the handlebars. Generally, women’s cycles are designed keeping in mind the smaller frame of women and hence, the handlebars are narrower as compared to those in men’s bikes. In the best bicycle for girl in India, the distance between the handlebars and the saddle is also less.

4.    Generally, in cycles for girls, the saddle is much wider at the back and comes with a cut out channel to ensure more comfort when riding the bike over long distances. You can also opt to replace the saddle with one which is ideal for you and gives you maximum comfort while riding.

5.    Regardless of all other factors, the comfort of the rider takes precedence over all else. When selecting a ladies bike for yourself, determine if you are comfortable with the given specs and if the bike is suited to your riding style.

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