You’re all set to go pro on the biking route, but it is not just enough to get a professional bike and getting started on bumpy and adventurous terrain. If you are a biking enthusiast and serious about your cycling, you’ll also need to know the hacks to maintain your bike to ensure it gives you a smooth ride all through. We made you a list of tips and tricks to help you keep your bike in top shape so you can experience the thrills without a worry:

  1. Always keep a tool belt/pack handy when riding or even when your bike’s parked in the shed. A few basic tools will go a long way in ensuring you are never in trouble if any trouble occurs on the road.
  2. Cleaning the bike is a no-brainer but make sure you wash clean every surface on the bike to keep off the additional weight that may come from mud being accumulated in areas that are hard to reach. Hose off the entire surface area through and through and wipe everything later to prevent the moisture from getting in the cables. Use a dirt repellent on the tires, braking surface, saddle and bars to keep them from getting too muddy.
  3. To keep the bike looking neat in the front in spite of all the cables running through, use bike tape to secure them. Make sure not to wrap them too tightly though or they could damage the cables. Smart tip – pull back the tops and push forward the drops.
  4. Tuning gears is important to keep the bike in perfect shape and for a safe ride. To give the gears a quick tune, put the bike in its top gear, and turn the pedals till the chain goes into the smallest cog. Then remove the derailleur to put the cables back in their right cogs and ensure that the chain sits comfortably in its place, then refit the gear cable and you are good to go.

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