Buying a bicycle for kids is a task that must be accomplished with great care. Whether you buy a kids cycle online or in a store, teaching the kids to ride a bike efficiently so that they enjoy their rides in safety is important. Another important aspect of teaching your kid to ride a bike is teaching them to maintain their bike on their own, at least at the basic level. This is important as it teaches the kids to be responsible for their own bike. Here are some resources you can make use of to teach your kids how to maintain their bike:

1.Give them a bike safety checklist: Prepare a checklist for your child to look at when they are working on their bike’s maintenance. Include in this chart points like checking the tire pressure, sturdiness of the frame, condition of the brake wires and the rigidity of the handlebars.

2.Maintenance guide: Even if you’ve got your kids the best cycle for boys or girls, you have to teach them the right way to maintain it. This includes teaching them how to clean the bike thoroughly, lubricating the chains and pedals and properly taking care of the tires.

3.Prepare a schedule: You and your child can work out a mutually suitable time for the kid to work on the cleaning and maintenance of their bike. The child can clean their bike daily or twice a week, with giving an hour twice a week for basic maintenance.

4.Basic bike repair: If your kid is a little older and good with working with the basic tools, you can also teach them how to fill air in their cycle’s tires as well as make basic repairs such as fixing a chain that has come off or a loose pedal. If you are confident of your child’s ability, you can also teach them to change a flat tire.

5.Making adjustments: If your child rides a bike with gears, also teach them how to make adjustments in the gear and brake wires. This will allow them to make changes according to their preference and comfort when riding by themselves.

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