People mostly ride bicycles for fun and excitement where health-related benefits come side by side. But when it comes to getting the ultimate adventure from bicycle riding, nothing gets close to a mountain bike.  Designed to offer you the ultimate thrill and excitement of superlative degree, mountain bikes or MTBs, as they are often called, are among the most desirable things for any bicycle enthusiasts looking to take their love of bicycle riding to the very summit of excitement. Adding to the excitement, our generous mother nature, with all its natural vistas, makes it all possible for any mountain bike enthusiast to fulfill their ambition and amp up the excitement.

Well, if you are among those bike enthusiasts looking to scale rough mountain terrains, then the best mountain bicycle in India is something that you should pretty much be looking at. Indeed, a good quality mountain bicycle is what you need to challenge those rough surfaces and come out as a winner. But is finding a good quality mountain bicycle an easy thing to do? Though it is not hard as there are plenty of bicycle manufacturing companies offering good quality mountain bicycles, it is a difficult proposition for sure when it comes to deciding which mountain bike is good for you. Since most of us think that mountain bikes are those bikes that have been designed sturdily with an exceptional control mechanism, and all the mountain bikes are just the same, but it is not like that. Not all mountain bikes are the same. They have been designed for specific purposes, and one should choose them according to what they have been designed to offer.

Some of the mountain bikes have been designed to scale up the heights or perform actions right on the rough surfaces, and come with specialized features that help bikers to perform on the mountain trails. But the same types of bikes may not be that useful when you are trying to descend from the top to your base in the plains. Here, you may need a different type of mountain bike which focuses more on controlling mechanism and have different types of shockers and tires to support the activity. So, before you go ahead with your bike purchase decision, make sure that you know all these things very well and get the mountain bike that you should have to scale those rough terrains.

Kross is one of the leading mountain bicycle manufacturing companies renowned for designing the best mountain bicycle in India, which comes equipped with all the superior features to give you stellar and highly exciting riding experience.  The size of Kross MTBs starts from 24, 26, 27.5, and 29 inches. Kross has many models in the MTB segment. Some of the leading ones are Maximus Pro, Xceed, K 40, and Eco Bike. Additionally, the premium range of Kross is Globate and Impel series which has models in Steel and Alloy respectively. The popular models are Globate 27.5, Globate 29, Encod, N-spire, Xcite in Globate series and Haste, N-spire, Hopper, and Hexa in Impel series.