Teaching kids to cycle is a matter of great satisfaction for parents. Not only do the kids learn an entirely new activity, they also get well on their way to health and fitness. However, it is in the initial days, when your little one is just learning to pedal on the best kids bicycle in India you have given them, that parents can make mistakes which can affect the riding experience of the kids. Here is what you must most definitely avoid when teaching your child to ride on the best kids bikes:

1.Do not buy an ill-fitted bike. When you are choosing the best cycle for kids, make sure that it is the right size and height for your child. Many a parent make the mistake of buying a bigger bike than their child can comfortably ride which can be dangerous as it puts your child at risk of accident. If your child cannot reach the pedals comfortably, and if the saddle height cannot be adjusted, do not insist on buying the bike.

2.Do not start on the street. The roads and streets in front of your house or in the neighbourhood are most definitely not the place to teach your kid to ride their bike for the first time. There can be traffic in the streets and vehicles which can be dangerous for any kid who is learning to maintain their balance on the bike and ride without stumbling.

3.Do not continue to push the bike for long distances. Initially, many parents have the habits of initiating their children into cycling by holding on to the handle bars or pushing the bike from the seat. This can create a false sense of balance in the child and when you let go, they are more likely to fall or stumble. Instead, encourage your child to slowly pedal their way across short distances and balance with their feet.

4.Do not punish for mistakes. Given that your child is riding a bike for the first time, it will take them time to get used to riding on their own. They are bound to stumble and fall multiple times and they will make mistakes on the way. Rather than punish them or scold them, be patient and teach them the error of their ways.

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