If your kids love cycling and you have just bought them a kids cycle online or from a store from one of the leading makers of bicycle for kids, equally important is to buy them the right gear. Wearing the right clothing and protective gear when cycling will keep your kids secure when they set out for a ride on the best cycle for boys and girls and also enhance their riding experience. Here are tips to ensure you keep your little ones safe when they are cycling:

1.Buy a helmet of the right size and one which meets the standards set by ISI. An ISI mark will mean that the helmet has been manufactured according to the correct safety protocols and will keep your kid safe in case of a mishap. Also make sure that the helmet is just the right fit for your kid’s head. Too small a helmet or one which is too big is almost as bad as having no helmet.

2.It is important that kids are wearing the right clothing when they are put cycling, whether it is just a spin around the neighbourhood or commuting to school. Don’t make the wear pants which are flared or too loose as these may get in the way of their pedaling action or get caught in the chain. If they are riding in low light or foggy conditions, they should wear bright-coloured clothes with fluorescent patches so they can be visible to other commuters on the road.

3.The right footwear is also important for the kids so they can ride comfortably. Never let them ride barefoot on the cycle. While regular sneakers are an ideal choice, you can also get them canvas shoes with laces. But do remember that the laces are not too long and do not get in the way or get entangled in the cycle parts. Alternatively, you can get them sneakers with Velcro straps or pull on styles.

4.If your kids are carrying backpacks when riding, especially if they commute to school on a kids cycle, make sure to ensure that the straps of the backpack are secure and not loose. They should be light so as not to encumber the child and if they are strapping them on to the carrier or a basket, the straps should not dangle and get caught in the wheel spokes.

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