More and more people are opting to go eco friendly when it comes to their daily commute to work and one of the best modes for transport for such persons is a bicycle. User friendly, with no use for fuel, little expenses on maintenance and no pollution are just some of the things that work in the favour of cycling as a means of commute. But to make the most of your daily commute on a bicycle, you will need to choose one from the best bicycles on offer. And trust us when we say that it is not as tough as it sounds. Read on to know how to choose the best commuter bike for you:

1.  Before you decide to start commuting to work on a cycle, calculate the distance you will have to travel to and fro each day. Chances are, if your office is too far away, you might not be prepared for the long ride and will need to slowly practice and prepare to get commuting without reaching the office dripping sweat! If your office is at a comfortable distance away, any regular road bike will do but if the distance is over 5 km each way, the best bicycles for you will be those designed for speed and efficiency.

2. Commuting to work on a cycle only makes sense when it is comfortable for the rider. You don’t want to arrive too tired at the office. Whether you go to a store for a bicycle or buy online, remember that the better the tire size and width, the better the grip on the road. So, for smooth roads, while small tires may work, if you take roads in poor conditions or with obstructions, choose a bike with slightly bigger tires.

3. Most cycle buyers look for better suspension when buying the best bicycles but when choosing a bike for commute, this only goes so far. On bumpy roads with plenty of potholes, or a cobbled tire track, a decent suspension will ensure a smooth ride but a sturdy frame will work adequately well too.

4. You needn’t get too confused by the brake systems when buying a cycle for your daily commute. Whether you choose a hybrid or road bike with rim brakes or disc brakes, keep in mind that the former is ideal for quiet and low traffic routes while the latter with heavy-duty braking work better on heavy-traffic roads.

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