When it comes to choosing an activity for children to pursue outdoors, parents look for one which will be easy, fun, safe and also keep their children fit and healthy. Cycling is one activity that has kids and parents enthused. It keeps kids mobile and is also safe enough for them to indulge in, in proximity to their home and even further away. If you are a parent and want to teach your child how to ride a cycle for the first time, the task can be daunting but if you know what to do, then the task can be easy and your child will be on their way, riding away with confidence. Take a read at the basic steps for teaching your children how to ride a bicycle:

1. Balance: An important part of learning to ride the best kids bikes is maintaining balance. First-time cyclists find this tough and this is also the most challenging part of teaching a kid how to ride a cycle. You can begin with balance bikes for children who are very young. Support wheels are also an option but these can be difficult to wean off if the child becomes too used to them. Instead, show some patience and walk the bike, that is, gently hold on to the back as your child pedals on ahead.

2. Steering: Your child also needs to learn how to manoeuvre their bicycle when on the road. To practice steering, have them stand over the bicycle and move the handle bar left and right as they would when riding the bike.

3. Pedalling: To keep the cycle moving, pedalling the best cycle for kids is an important step. Kids find this the easiest but they also need to be careful about pedalling as it concerns their safety. Teach your child to properly put their feet in the pedal straps and to avoid leaving their foot half out, which can be hazardous.

4. Braking: Knowing when to stop is also important in learning how to ride the best kids bicycle in India. Make sure the brakes on your child’s bicycle are soft to touch and not too difficult to pull back. They should know not to ride too fast and how and when to use both brakes. Until they are experienced, they must avoid hitting only one brake.

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