As the name itself suggests, a road bike is a cycle that is ridden on smooth and paved roads, usually at extremely high speeds. If you are looking to buy a road bicycle for yourself, it is important to know about the different types of road bikes to make the most suitable choice. Different road bikes offer different performance features and you can choose the best road bikes for yourself depending on the features that most match your preferences:

1.Commuter bikes: These road bikes are designed for everyday commute on urban roads which are smooth and paved. They are built to provide a high level of comfort to the rider and features are chosen for advanced durability. Since the focus is on the commute, these bikes come with reliable frames for upright riding. Mudguards are included for ensuring that the rider and the bike are dry even on wet roads. Some of these bikes also come pre-fitted with racks for carrying bags.

2.Race bikes: The race bike variants of road bicycles are designed to go at extremely fast pace on the paved terrain and as such, come with low front end features for an aerodynamic feel. These include shorter head tubes, flat stem and low handlebars which facilitate high-speed riding. The frame is much stiffer in a road bike as the emphasis is on higher speed and not on comfort. These bikes are also extremely lightweight and are not very suited for long distance riding.

3.Endurance bikes: Endurance road bikes are meant for riding long distances for longer durations. Since endurance riding is all about endurance and not speed, these bikes are known for providing great comfort even on slightly uneven terrain. They can even be ridden on hilly terrain but don’t perform so well when it comes to high-speed rides.

4.Touring bikes: Another popular variant of road bikes are the touring bikes. These bikes are designed for riding over long distances, tours, and can even carry heavy loads. These bikes are heavier as compared to the other road bikes and yet, they are quite comfortable and do well over long distances. The wheels of touring bikes are quite tough and can cope with the added weight and varied terrain as well.

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