The safety of their kids is always of paramount importance to all parents. Ensuring that kids stay safe even when they are out having fun leads parents to look for ways and means to ensure that their children can enjoy themselves at all times. Riding a cycle is a great feat for any child, and if your kids cycle out with their friends, around the neighbourhood or commute to school on their cycles, then you can keep them safe by teaching them these basic road safety rules:

  1. As the very first step, teach kids that when they are riding the best kids bikes, they must always be wearing their safety gear. A helmet and elbow and knee guards are some of the essential safety gear you must get for your children.
  2. Basic road rules like obeying the traffic signals, giving way to pedestrians, indicating with the right hand signals when changing lanes or making a turn are important for every child to know when they are taking the best kids bicycle in India for a spin.
  3. When they are riding the best cycle for kids on their way to school or with friends, children must not try to ride at high speeds to compete with each other or passing vehicles on the roads. Let them ride at moderate pace and if they have to start early for the same, let them do so.
  4. Kids must know that they must ride their cycle on the cycle tracks only and in case they are not present and they are forced to ride on the road, they must ride not too close to the pavement. They must also avoid riding too close behind motor vehicles.
  5. Another road safety rule that kids cycling on their bikes must know is that they must not ride in a direction opposite to the flow of the traffic. This will put them in harm’s way and also earn them the ire of those who are following the rules and staying on the right track.

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