For many people, cycling has become a way of life. From commuting to riding for fitness and health, people have different reasons for hopping on to their bikes and heading out for a spin. And those who are cycling enthusiasts also know that there are different types of bikes suited for different terrains. The one type that you can use to ride on the smooth and paved routes in the city as well on the gravel tracks is a hybrid bike. If you are someone who would like to own a bike that gives you the best of worlds, then read out handy guide for buying a hybrid bicycle:

1.    If you are someone who rides for fitness, then a hybrid bike with a rigid fork and lean tires is what you should be looking for. This bike will be lightweight and easy to ride on the paved tracks at higher speeds which is the preferred style of riding for fitness enthusiasts. Look for a bike which has full suspension so you won’t feel the bumps on the road.

2.    For those who ride their cycles for leisure, the best hybrid bicycle in India would be the comfort bike. Designed for comfort, as its name makes amply clear, this type of the hybrid bike comes with double suspension and wider tires that absorb the shocks. It also features an upright geometry so the cyclist can ride in a comfortable position.

3.    When you are looking for a hybrid bike to commute daily, you will need a bike which is reliable and sturdy enough to take even on uneven roads and trails. Choose an urban hybrid in this case, which comes with a streamlined geometry and suspension to allow for seamless riding. These are sometimes also fitted with fenders and baskets for the rider to take along their essentials easily.

4.    For those looking for a hybrid bike to ‘cruise’ on the city streets and make the occasional off- road trip, a cruiser bike is a great choice. However, these bikes are not high on performance and only good for short distances.

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