Cycling enthusiasts hate nothing more than for the weather to play spoilsport in their pedal-expeditions. While monsoons are something that everyone has ready advice for, winters also require special attention when it comes to cycling. Although, with a bit of care, winters could be lovely weather to take your bike for a spin. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make your bikes rides in winter memorable. Kross doesn’t just make the best value for money bicycles, it is also one to arm you with information regarding how to ride them safely and enjoy them fully. 

  • Dress appropriately - In winters, before you leave home, you may be wearing a heavy jacket every time you step out, but when you are going to be riding a bike, you need to go easy. Even a short ride will warm you up quite well and you may get very hot under too many clothes. The best way to do it is to layer up and remove an easily stow-able layer once you warm up. This way, even if you have to spend some time off the bike outdoor, you will have something to keep you suitably warm. Consider buying good earmuffs as ears bear the brunt of a cold breeze the most.

  • Get lit - When it is foggy and the visibility is poor, you will be thankful for the reflectors and light that you have on your bike. However carefully you may be driving, alerting on-coming traffic to your presence cannot be stressed enough. A great bike lamp is light, small in size, yet produces a beam strong enough to be visible through fog. You can choose between dynamo run lights or a battery powered rechargeable one. 
  • Warm up, stretch & cool down - Before you embark on a cycling journey, warm up and loosen your muscles. Jog on the spot for a bit or walk briskly and then take to the cycle, otherwise your muscles could spasm due to the cold. Once you are back, give your muscles a good stretch. It helps the muscles relax and should be followed by a light jog to complete the cool down routine. 

  • Stay informed - Check the weather forecast and if there is a chance of fog or chilly temperatures even in the second half of the day, you may not want to cycle to work. This may seem absurd till you are actually engulfed in dense fog. It can alternate between very sunny and windy, and even change from one to the other within few hours. Choose to stay safe when the choice is between keeping up a healthy routine and reaching home safe. Passion for cycling shouldn’t risk your health or safety. 

  • Buy the right bike - If you can, invest in a fat bike for winters that will give you more traction on wet roads that could turn very slippery when the temperatures drop. Among the best value for money bicycles, Kross is a wonderful choice as it is built according to Indian road conditions and will see you through a range of temperatures and weather conditions. Consider a bike that is sturdy, yet doesn’t slow you down. Attach a basket or lockable box that can carry your jackets or other belongings. 

With these things in mind, you should be winter bike ready in no time!