Women and cycling have had a timeless association. Think back to the days of the late 19th century, with the women’s movements at their peak and you’ll find several memorable pictures of women riding a bicycle to freedom. Shift your focus to the present times and you’ll see women riding the best ladies bicycle in India on the roads. And yet, there is a significant gap in the number of women riding a ladies bicycle in India as compared to their male counterparts. For various reasons, women must be encouraged to hop on the best bicycle for a girl in India and use these bikes for their commutes or leisure rides around the place they live in. If you want to know why women must take up cycling, read on:

1.Cycling improves the overall fitness of the body. By engaging the entire body, cycling activates the muscle groups in different parts of the body which can serve women well when they are seeking to improve their fitness level.

2.Recent studies have suggested that cycling just about 2 km every day can reduce the risk of heart diseases by half! This is an extremely compelling reason for women to get started on a daily routine of biking their way around the neighbourhood.

3.Taking up cycling as a form of physical activity and as a cardiovascular workout has also been known to boost the blood flow to the brain, thereby reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s in old age.

4.Regular cycling has the benefit of boosting the oxygen flow throughout the body, delivering the necessary minerals to every cell therein and flushing out the toxins in the form of sweat. This keeps the skin looking younger and healthier, a common concern among women of all ages, effectively addressed with cycling!

5.Cycling also improves the digestive system of the body. By improving core stability and accelerating the heart rate and breathing rate, cycling helps decrease the time taken by the body for digestion. It also prevents bloating of the stomach, which is a common concern among many women.

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