If your child is excited about starting cycling, then get them started on a bike that is just right for them. With the right cycle, children are more confident and sure-footed, enjoying their experience. And of course, we need not underscore the many benefits that come from riding a bicycle. Choosing the best bikes for children is, however, fundamental to ensuring your kids learn how to ride properly and safely. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best bicycle for your little ones:

1.    If your child is a first-time rider, do keep in mind that cycles can be difficult for them to manoeuvre because of the weight and the design. Hence, when choosing the best cycle for kids who are riding for the first time, select one with a light frame and a design which will make it easy for them to get on and off the bike. A frame with a low step will facilitate the same.

2.    The brakes on a kid’s bike are very basic, especially for younger kids. However, they must also be flexible and easy to use. Kids cannot put all their weight into pushing the brake levers and when you choose the best kids bike, test the brakes to see how easily they can be hit. If an adult can push back the brakes with their little finger, they will be easy for a small kid to use as well.

3.    When buying the best kids bicycle in India for your young kids, consider bikes with chain guards. These not only reduce the chances of the chain falling off routinely but also keep the child at bay from the risk of injury.

4.    The bike you buy for your kids must be of the right size. The height of the saddle should be such that the feet of the child should easily touch the ground if they want to get off and gain control. The right bike size is not only important for comfort during riding but also for safe rides.

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