Are you an avid cyclist who likes to ride with your gang of girls on your off days? Whether you are new to riding in a group or a seasoned cyclist, there is always a set of rules for riding in a group that you must know of and follow diligently for a great riding experience free of mishaps. Read on to know of some tips to keep in mind when riding with your group:

1.    Ride in the formation: When you are riding a ladies bicycle in India with a group, remember to follow the formation. Whether you are out on a tour or racing, a pre-decided format for the group will ensure that everyone has their own place throughout the trail and does not get in the way of other riders, thus ensuring safety for everyone on the road.

2.    Maintain a steady pace: To stay in your place in the group when riding the best bicycle for girl in India, ensure that you maintain a steady pace. When you are just touring, you will want to avoid riding too hard and getting ahead of the others, which will force others to catch up, or leave you on your own. If you slow down, you will also hinder the riders behind you and you will lose your place in the group. If you are in a race, then make sure to ride at the pace you want but stick to your lane and position in the formation.

3.    Keep an eye on the cyclist ahead: When you are riding the best ladies bicycle in India in a group, not only do you have to focus on your own ride but also that of the rider ahead of you. Make sure to maintain adequate distance between the cycle wheels to prevent overlaps which can lead to accidents.

4.    Avoid sudden moves: When you are riding in a group, it is best that you avoid making any sudden moves such as braking hard or stopping without calling out. This will ensure that the group is not affected when you have to stop and everyone can ride with safety.

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