Buying a cycle can be a difficult one if you don’t know which bike to choose! With there being different types of cycles for different purposes, cyclists too need to make an informed choice with regard to their cycle in order to get the best experience. One of the most popular categories of cycles is that of a mountain bike. While on the surface, to a layperson, there might not appear too many differences between an MTB cycle and others, the former serve entirely different functions for riders. Here’s a look at what gives an MTB bike its distinction over other kinds of bikes:

1. Uses – Mountain bikes are designed for riding on the terrain which is similar to the stark routes across the mountains. Essentially, this means off-road, tough tracks, especially unpaved ones and MTB bikes are designed such that they can handle the natural environments. On the roads up the hills and mountains and on man-made trails which are roughly hewn and have many treacherous obstacles, mountain bikes are the best models for riding.

2. Types – When it comes to mountain bikes, even within this category one can find different types which include cross-country bikes, all-day endurance bikes, free-riding bikes, bikes for downhill biking etc. Each one has its own specifications which can be chosen according to the individual riding style of the rider.

3. Tire size – Mountain bikes feature tires which vary in size but are thicker than those used in standard road bikes which lends them added durability to traverse the tough roads on hills and mountains. Ideally, 27.7” is the standard size but one can also explore the 29” tires for their MTBs.

4. Frame size – The frame size of the mountain bike will correspond with the body proportions of the bike and different manufacturers offer different dimensions in mountain bikes. One can choose from hardtail MTBs or full suspension frames in an MTB.

5. Handlebars – Mountain bikes feature flat or riser bars which buyers can choose according to their individual bike riding styles and preferences. These are provided to give an aerodynamic experience when riding up and down slopes.

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