Are you planning to buy a brand new mountain bike? Buying the best mountain bicycle in India requires you to pay careful thought into the buying process, for which it is important that you do your homework - the research and the due diligence. There are many different brands and models you can choose from but what matters are the features on your mountain bike. Here are the top features you must look for when buying a mountain cycle:

1.Wheel size: One of the most important components of a bike, the wheel size on a mountain bike may range from 24 inches in a kids’ mountain bike to the 29-inch wheel in adults. 27.5 inch wheels are common in full suspension and hard tail bikes. 29 inchers are the widest option available and while they take time to accelerate to full speed, they are easy to ride over obstacles.

2.Suspension: Depending on whether you are someone who likes to ride their bike and experience the obstacles on the trail or would prefer that your bike cushion the impact of the tough landscape, choose the appropriate bike suspension. You can choose form full suspension MTBs which have suspension on the front and the rear, or hardtail bikes which have no suspension on the rear, or you can choose no suspension bikes.

3.The frame: The material of the frame is an important feature for selecting a mountain cycle. Aluminium alloy is the preferred material for MTB frames but high end mountain bikes may feature aluminium frames which are lightweight but durable. Another tough frame materials for mountain cycles is steel which is known for its durability and cost effectiveness but it is only recommended for those who can handle the heavy weight of the steel frame. Titanium is another frame material option for MTBs but is extremely expensive and adds to the cost of the bike.

4.Brakes: Depending on how experienced a cyclist you are, you also need to look at the brake of your bike. New riders of mountain bikes can choose bikes with rim brakes which are easy to handle while expert riders can pick the disc brakes which have become a common feature in most mountain bikes.

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