When it comes to choosing the best cycle for kids, parents often get confused by the sheer number of options available. Leading brands making the best kids bikes have a plethora of bicycles for kids of all ages. In choosing the best cycle for kids, one of the many considerations is the size of the bike. This becomes an important factor in ensuring that your kid is always safe when riding the bike. many times, parents are unable to identify the right size of bike for their kids which can put them in harm’s way. With this comprehensive guide on the correlation between bike size and child’s height, learn how to choose the best cycle for your kids:

1. The first thing to know is that the size of the kids’ bike is a reference to the size of the wheel of the bike. This in turn is measured by the size of the frame, and a kids’ bike frame is smaller than that of adults, except in the case of kids in the higher teens who can also ride adult cycles.

2. Typically, the wheel or bike size ranges from 12 inches to 24 inches. This is done to cater for kids of different heights who will need a size appropriate to their height and age. More than age, however, it is the height of the kid which is to be taken into account when choosing the bike size.

3. There is often a general size, age, height guide which is used to choose a cycle for kids. To know the right bike size for your kid, measure the inseam of the child’s leg, match it to their height and choose the right wheel size.

4. For the toddlers who are riding their very first cycles, the average height of the kid being 2 feet 10 inches to about 3.5 feet, the inseam measure should be around 14 to 17 inches, which corresponds to size 12” on the bike. Similarly, for kids of height between 3’1” to 3’7”, the corresponding bike size is 14 inches; for kids with an inseam of 18-22 inches, the corresponding bike size is 16 inches; for kids of height between 4’ to 4’5”, the corresponding bike size is 20 inches; and for kids of height between 4’5” to 4’9”, the corresponding bike size is 24 inches.

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