If you are an adventure seeker who is venturing into mountain cycling, you will need the best bike to make the most of the tough trails. As the very name suggests, a mountain bike is designed to withstand the tough conditions of mountain trails. However, depending on the particular style of riding, there are different types of mountain bikes and each has its specific features. Let us take a look at some common types of mountain bikes to help you choose the right one for you:

1.    Trail Bikes: The most common types of mountain bikes, the trail bikes from best MTB brands in India are designed to take on all kinds of terrain in the mountains. They make for the ideal selection for flat dirt tracks and also for uphill and downhill slope riding. The trail bikes are focused on balancing efficiency with fun and sensibility, making this a great choice for beginners and mid-level riders. You can choose from steeper suspension angles which are ideal for fast turns and better climbing to lower suspension angles which provide great stability for high speed riding.

2.    Fat tire bikes: True to their name, fat tire bikes come with oversized, extra fat tires to provide better traction especially in the snow and on sandy trails. They are the best mountain bicycle in India for beginners as they also provide enhanced stability on the trail and better balance while absorbing shocks and bumps more easily.

3.    Cross country bikes: Cross country mountain bikes are the best MTB bicycle in India to ride at high speeds and provide better climbing over short to medium distance trails. The focus in these bikes is on enhanced efficiency and lower weight to roll along smoothly when riding at higher speeds.

4.    All-mountain bikes: These are the high-end superior performance mountain bikes designed to take on natural and man-made trails with the highest efficiency. They can give the right stability for obstacle-ridden tracks and also perform well when climbing uphill or descending downwards.

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