Are you a cycling enthusiast and love the thrill and adventure that comes from riding your bike on dirt tracks and overcoming obstacles? Then you are definitely cut out for mountain biking. But before you decide to hop on the best MTB cycle, it is a good idea to know about the different types to know which is the best mountain bike for you. Essentially, there are four categories of mountain bikes based on the kind of riding and trails that are covered. Let us read about each of these:

1.Cross Country: Cross Country or XC bikes, as they are also known as, are designed for riding at higher speeds over long distances through open trails. These bikes have extremely lightweight frames and smooth gear shifting to enable high-speed riding and rolling efficiency. These bikes can either have full suspension or only front suspension (hardtail) depending on the preference of the rider. Another variant of the XC bikes is the Cross Country Marathon or XCM bike which is designed to handle more technical trails and suspension power is greater to absorb shocks at high speeds.

2.All mountain: The all-mountain bikes are designed for downhill riding on challenging off-road trails. The front suspension in all mountain bikes is more powerful and absorbs the shocks on the trail when rolling downhill. All-mountain bikes also have wider and sturdier tires as compared to other MTB variants.

3.Enduro: These bikes are quite similar to the all-mountain bikes in that they too are designed for downhill riding, and can also take on challenging technical trails and fast sections on descents. While Enduro bikes can also take on uphill riding with manual effort, they are not generally equipped to pedal efficiently uphill. Enduro bikes have wider handlebars for a comfortable riding position and slightly longer wheelbase to enable easy steering on the trail.

4.Downhill bikes: As the very name suggests, downhill or DH mountain bikes are completely geared to provide maximum efficiency during descents and downhill riding and as such, do not offer much benefit for pedalling uphill. These bikes have both front and back suspension to enable the rider to take jumps and technical maneuvers on the difficult sections of the trail.

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