Riding an MTB bike has an unparalleled thrill. And you can make the most of every ride with the best MTB bicycle in India. The best MTB brands in India offer superior specs with state-of-the-art technology that makes the riding experience a seamless one. With technology advancing, the features in bikes have advanced too and the best MTB in India will most certainly come with high-end tech that gives riders an unparalleled experience of taking on the tough trails of the dirt tracks and mountain routes. Here are some of the top specs you need to know about when buying an MTB:

1.The wheel size: Traditionally, MTB bikes featured the 26inch wheel which has given way to 27.5 and 29 inch wheels. The 27.5-inch wheels offer a more sporty feel and are ideal for varied terrain and are often featured on both hardtail and suspension bikes given the ease of maneuvering they allow. The 29 inch wheels are meant for technical riding and are known for enabling better clearance of ground over the obstacles. Some of the specialized MTB bikes nowadays also offer a two-in-one option with a 29-inch wheel in the front and a 27.5 wheel in the rear.

2.The frame geometry: Until now, most MB bikes feature the ‘longer and slacker’ version for the frame geometry, with the underlying theory that the further apart the wheels, the more stability there will be, but this can undermine the purpose if the suspension travel is longer than necessary. The need now is for varying frame geometry which adapts to the different riding styles and leading MTB brands are already taking up this.

3.The dropdown seat: One of the ideas that is gaining increasing popularity is the dropdown seat. In this feature, the saddle can be bent down and out of the way. This is a particularly handy feature for downhill riding, enhancing speed and giving the rider greater confidence.

4.While traditionally, MTB bikes feature tires with tubes, innovation has led to tubeless tires becoming a popular choice. Tubeless tires offer better grip on the tough terrain and also does away with the problem of punctures. The day might not be far when pre-fitted tubeless tires become the norm for MTB bikes.

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