If you are an avid road cyclist, then staying in the loop of all that’s happening in this segment of adventure and sports is certainly something you must do. As with all other areas of lifestyle, trends for cycling too go through their ups and downs. Let us take a look at some of the top trends in road bicycling to look forward to:

  1. No one wants to be confused over brake and gear wires which is why bikes with concealed wiring is a trend for the best road bikes which is going to stay. Buyers looking for convenience will find this a useful feature even when they want to purchase a new road bike for their rides.

  2. Merging the stem and the handlebar will be another design trend that looks to be making its mark for road bicycle. This takes off from the concealed wiring trend but there will also remain the standard design with segregated components for those who prefer to change things up and personalize their bikes according to their preferences.

  3. For cyclists who want to own a road bike with streamlined riding experiences, better road clearance will be a trend to look forward to. With the introduction of disc brakes, cycle brands are looking at the possibility of increasing the road clearance in tires for smoother rides.

  4. Dynamic features which boost the aerodynamics of riding are also something to look out for in road bikes. Boxy designs with stiffer frames are going to be out their for riders who want the feel of mountain bikes while riding on the roads.

  5. The phasing out of the rim brake will be another trend that will catch on. As riders look for better performance and control over their road bikes, rim brakes, which tend to leave out greater margin for error, will be replaced by disc brakes which afford greater accuracy in braking.

  6. The focus on sustainability will also be another trend in road biking. This will not only dictate the adoption of more bikes or the manufacture of bikes but also the manner of riding with cyclists choosing to reduce their carbon footprint as they set out on rides.

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