Cycling is a great exercise. Adults love it for the sheer advantages it brings for health and fitness. But what if we told you that cycling also has many benefits for your kids? Yes, you read it right. Riding a bicycle can be immensely advantageous to the overall growth, development and health of young kids. And if nothing else, you can always get them to fit cycling into their routine by commuting to school on a cycle. Here then are 5 top reasons you should get your kid to ride a cycle to school:

1. Cycling is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that strengthens the entire body. Whether performed at a slow pace or extremely fast, cycling increases the heart rate and helps the body pump blood more efficiently, keeping your kids heart-healthy from an early age.

2. Especially for kids in their growth stages, cycling on the best kids bicycle in India can provide exercise to the legs and strengthen the muscles and the bones to ensure proper growth. Cycling as an activity helps in building muscle mass and also develops their motor skills.

3. Since cycling is an outdoor activity, children riding the best kids bikes get to spend more time in the fresh and natural surroundings, increasing their exposure to sunlight and oxygen. This gives them ample supply of Vitamin D and improves the functioning of their respiratory systems while also strengthening their immune system.

4. Cycling is an excellent activity to prevent early obesity in your child. Gifting the best cycle for kids to your little ones and encouraging them to go out and ride their bike with their friends will keep them from being lazy and inactive and also help to tone their bodies.

5. As a physical activity, cycling also brings emotional wellbeing for your child. Cycling every day at a steady pace activates the adrenaline gland in the child and relieves them from the stress they may be feeling due to their school hours and study routines.

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